Core Competencies

Organizationally, ARL is comprised of a Research Operations component and an Enterprise Operations component. All research activities, both sponsored and internally funded, are managed and executed within Research Operations. In addition, facilities, laboratories, and test equipment are allocated to and managed by the Research Operations component. Functions and activities required to support the compliant, efficient, and secure execution of research programs are accomplished by Enterprise Operations. 

Research Operations

All research operations strive to perform basic and applied research, exploratory development, and advanced development in support of program sponsors while championing the transfer of advanced technologies to naval acquisition programs, fleet operations, other government agencies, and the private sector.

Undersea Systems

Maintains and expands US technological excellence in undersea systems. Provides technological advancements for undersea systems and complementary applications by providing overall ARL capability and leadership. 

Communications, Information, and Navigation

Conducts in-depth research and applies theory to real-world applications for communication technologies, information fusion and processing, navigation science, and visualization.

Fluid Dynamics and Acoustics

Researches experimental fluid dynamics including boundary layer flows, cavitation, flow control, and marine vehicle hydrodynamics. Builds technology foundation for the design and analysis of marine vehicles integrated with their control systems and propulsors.

Materials and Manufacturing

Advances the state of the art in materials and manufacturing processing technology. Addresses issues related to materials design, materials processing, component design, manufacturing systems, as well as repair and sustainment.

Enterprise Operations

  • Business Services
  • Corporate Communications Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Human Resources Services
  • Information Technology Services
  • Security Services

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