Fluid Dynamics & Acoustics


Providing modern tools and facilities for Naval sea and air systems.


Computational Mechanics

Advanced physics modeling using high performance computing for high fidelity numerical simulation with state-of-the-art software tools for design and analysis.

Fluid Dynamics

Innovative solutions for demanding technical challenges by leveraging core competencies in basic and applied fluid dynamics, marine systems, turbomachinery, and testing.


Advanced technology for reduction of vibration and noise through experimental measurements and computational predictions in complex structures.

Research Facilities

The ARL Fluid Dynamics and Acoustics Office (FDAO) houses specialized experimental facilities, advanced instrumentation techniques, and state-of-the-art computational resources. These include:

Expertise and Capabilities

  • Complete experimental support from initial concept and design to fabrication and performance evaluations
  • Test model, electronics, and instrumentation designs and applications
  • Test article and instrumentation fabrication and assembly
  • High performance computing resources

Closed Loop Water Tunnels

Controllable speed, pressure, and air content
48-inch diameter (up to 60 ft/sec)
12-inch diameter (up to 80 ft/sec)
20 x 4.5-inch rectangular (up to 80 ft/sec)
6-inch diameter (up to 70 ft/sec)
1.5-inch diameter (up to 275 ft/sec)

Glycerin Tunnel
11.2-inch diameter (up to 30 ft/sec)

Flow-Through Anechoic Chamber
18 x 22 x 30 ft (70 Hz cutoff frequency)

Reverberant Water Tank
22 x 28 x 20 ft

Reconfigurable Quiet Pump Loop Facility
Isolated 200 hp test pump

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