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The Institute for Manufacturing and Sustainment Technologies (iMAST) is sponsored under contract N00024-18-D-6404 by the United States Navy, Office of Naval Research Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) program. iMAST supports the Navy’s ManTech goals through two separate programs:  ManTech and RepTech (short for Repair Technology).  The ONR ManTech goals are to improve the affordability of naval platforms critical to the future force. Investments are focused on manufacturing technologies to assist key acquisition program offices in achieving their respective affordability goals All seven COE’s participate in achieving these goals in collaboration with the platform OEMs and Navy program offices. The ONR RepTech program is solely executed by iMAST.  RepTech’s goal is to apply new and emerging technologies to improve the capabilities of Navy depots, shipyards, Marine Depot Maintenance Command and lower level maintenance activities throughout the Fleet. RepTech cooperates and communicates with other Navy COEs, the joint depot community, DOD industrial activities, industry, PEOs and university laboratories.  Improving sustainability, reliability and system availability is the aim.  

The iMAST was formally established in February of 1995 and is one of seven U.S. Navy ManTech Centers of Excellence. Located at The Pennsylvania State University's Applied Research Laboratory, the Institute is in partnership with industry, government, and the University. iMAST provides a focal point for the development and transfer of new manufacturing processes and technology in a cooperative environment with industry, academia, Navy acquisition programs and in-service use. The Institute leverages the resources of The Pennsylvania State University to develop technology and business practices, to enhance the industrial sector, and to address advanced weapon system issues and challenges.

iMAST Thrust Areas

The principal source of subject matter expertise for iMAST ManTech and RepTech projects is the staff of the Applied Research Laboratory at Penn State, a Navy-sponsored University Affiliated Research Center.  ARL’s research engineers and supporting teams are organized by technology domains.  The technologies listed and linked below relate to ARL’s expertise which is most frequently used by iMAST to innovatively apply cutting edge and mature technology to solve the U.S. Navy’s acquisition and sustainment challenges.

  • Mechanical Drive & Transmission Technologies
  • Laser Processing Technologies
  • Materials Processing Technologies
  • Composite Materials
  • Repair Technologies
  • Manufacturing Systems
  • Complex Systems Monitoring

Strategic Vision

DoD, NAVY, AND THE OFFICE OF NAVAL RESEARCH "....establish and demonstrate key manufacturing processes that satisfy military production requirements. Investments in process technology have historically covered the complete manufacturing maturation cycle: invention, development, insertion, and improvement."



iMAST Program Management

iMAST is managed by the Office of Naval Research and is part of the Pennsylvania State University's Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) which is located in State College, Pennsylvania. ARL Penn State is one of four U.S. Navy University-Affiliated Research Centers.


The DoD Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) Program began in the late 1960s. Over the years, the ManTech Programs for the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) have contributed remarkably to the nation's ability to produce superior military weapons systems platforms. The DoD ManTech Program is managed by the Director, Defense Research and Engineering (DDR&E). The Joint Defense Manufacturing Technology Panel is chartered to identify and integrate requirements, conduct joint program planning, develop joint strategies, and oversee the execution of ManTech programs.

The iMAST Sponsor: Office of Naval Research, ManTech

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