Materials & Manufacturing


To advance the state-of-the art in materials and manufacturing technology. To that end, we address issues related to materials design, materials processing, component design, manufacturing systems, logistics and sustainment.

Our technologies are enabling in that success entails design and fabrication of improved performance components for ships, subs, aircraft, or vehicles, more cost-effective manufacturing processes for fabrication or repair of components of platforms, design and integration of sensor systems for health or environmental monitoring of systems, and advanced logistics technologies for reduced life cycle cost. These technologies are relevant to all platforms and enterprises of interest within the DoD and consequently, we support a wide range of sponsors within the Department.  The capabilities of the group are:  Materials Science, Modeling and Simulation (process, design, and manufacturing), Component Analysis and Design, Prototype Fabrication, Electro-Optics Technologies, Sensor System Design, Development, Integration, and Enterprise System Software Architectures, Engineering.


  • Composite Materials
    • Advanced Technology Development
    • Computational Analysis & Design
    • Process Development & Structural Characterization
  • Laser Processing
    • Additive Manufacturing
    • Process Technologies
    • Systems Engineering & Integration
  • Materials Processing
    • Metals & Ceramics Processing
    • Advanced Coatings
    • Electronic Materials & Devices
  • Manufacturing Systems
    • Product & Process Design
    • Information Systems
    • Production Engineering
  • Systems & Operations Automation
    • Complex Systems Monitoring & Automation
    • Applied Enterprise Systems
    • Embedded Monitoring & Control Systems
    • Supply Chain Engineering
  • Electro-Optics Center
    • Laser Weapons
    • Advanced Sensor Technology

Research Facilities

  • Additive Manufacturing Laboratory (CIMP 3-D)
  • Drivetrain Technology Center
  • Cold Spray Laboratory
  • Composites Laboratory
  • High Temp. Coating Laboratory
  • Electronic Materials Laboratory
  • Electro-Optics Systems Laboratory
  • Field Assisted Sintering Laboratory
  • Advanced Logistics Systems Integration Laboratory 

Centers & Institutes

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