Past Open D.O.O.R. Research Topics


  • SHIM Phase II and Cyber Lab Capabilities
  • JSON Editor Using JSON Schema
  • Commercial Aircraft Order of Battle: Using Machine Learning Classifiers to Predict Aircraft Operators
  • Kafka Messaging System: Integration with Unity 3D
  • Big Data Pipeline Enabling Analytics
  • Foundation GeoIntelligence in 3D Metrics
  • FG3D’s Feature Extraction Improvement
  • Evading Machine Learning
  • Data Characterization Framework
  • Reinforced Machine Learning
  • Classified Security Class Guide Digitization & Distribution
  • AirSAS Automation & Development
  • Modeling Aluminum-Water 
  • Combustion System Using Aspen Plus
  • Characterization of Additive Manufactured Microstructures
  • SoundHunter Upgrades
  • Efficient Data Processing For Big Data Acoustics
  • Evaluation of Aluminum Powder as a fuel for Unmanned Undersea Vehicles
  • Additive Manufacturing
    • Project 1: Develop Strategies to Find Defects in Sensor Data
    • Project 2: Define Alternate Facility Layouts
  • Improving Elongation In Additively Manufactured Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze (NAB)
  • Modified Levy Walk Search
  • Prototyping of a Boat with Actuated Surfaces
  • Oxidation of Aluminum and Aluminum/Silicon Particles in Steam Using an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Conditioned Based Maintenance (CBM) for M777 Howitzer Platform Enclosure for Sensitive DAQ Equipment
  • Fuel Feed Weight Reduction
  • Low Cost UAVs


  • Data Engineering with ADSB and Hadoop
  • Surrogate Track Validation
  • Machine Learning Implementation
  • Surface Finishes for Additively Manufactured Metal Parts
  • CORDA Track Simulator
  • Security Operations Research
  • High Pressure Plasma
  • Environmental Simulation and Sensor Design
  • EFM32 Tiny Gecko Proof of Concept Prototype
  • SAP S/4 HANA
  • Effect of Laser Power in DED of AM Titanium Alloy Ti-6Al-4V
  • Measurement of Aluminum Oxide Particle Size Distributions
  • Visualization of Microstructural Evolution during Additive Manufacturing
  • Bioelectrical Study on Frost Protection
  • Maturation of Advanced Manufacturing for Low-Cost Sustainment (MAMLS) Phase II
  • Test Set Generator for Multipath Tracker


  • “Free Space Measurement”
  • “A Zoonotic Disaster”
  • “ADFP: Designing, Modeling, and Fabrication”
  • “Timelines in the Making”
  • “Parabolic Dish Free Space Material Characterization”


  • "Automated Framework Testing"
  • "Program Everywhere"
  • "3D Visualization Software"
  • "Cost Effective Resolutions to Configuration Management and the Use of Supply Management Tools"
  • "Safety at ARL"


  • "Creating a Federated Database through a RESTful API"
  • "Eye Detection using the MRCCorf Model"
  • "Wake Generator"


  • "Laser Interaction with a Porous Powder Bed"


  • "Conductivity Temperature Depth Underwater Sound Speed Sensor Evaluation"
  • "Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis of Well Bore Seepage"
  • "Robot Operating System (ROS): Integrating with an iRobot 510 Packbot"
  • "Developing a ROS Abstraction for CONTINUUM"


  • "Reconstruction of Respiration and Olfaction in Mammals"
  • "Creating a Nikon and Stereoscopic 3D Interface for CONTINUUM"
  • "Meshing Strategies for Launch Configurations"


  • "Coupled Flow-Structure-Biochemistry Simulations of Dynamics Systems of Blood Cells Using an Adaptive Surface Tracking"
  • 2010    “Defining Beam-Powder Interaction for Laser Cladding”
  • “Localization of Subcooled Boiling Models”
  • “Evaluation of Laser Beam Homogenizing Techniques”


  • "The Effect of Matrix Toughness on Composite Fracture Behavior"
  • “Grid Generation and Aerodynamics Modeling of Bat Flight”


  • "Synchronizing and Integrating Video and Test Data"
  • "Network Simulator & Emulation"


  • "Creating a Service Oriented Architecture between Sensor Platforms"
  • "High Speed Videography of Laser Cladding Experimental Plan: Internal Laser Cladding"
  • "Sonar Detection for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles"
  • "Development of A Flow Loop to Characterize Hemolysis by Cardiac Devices"


  • “Software Development for Geographic Information Systems Using the TerraPage API and Data Lion”
  • “Design and Implementation of Computational System Tools and Unix/Windows Data Integration”
  • “Collarless Construction Effort”


  • "Sea Basing"
  • "LASCOR Cost Model Analysis"
  • "A Moderate Survey of Beamforming in Array Signal Processing"
  • "Intelligent Self-Situational Awareness for Exploration Systems"
  • "Recharging Unmanned Undersea Vehicles Using Laser Light"
  • "Rocks Implementation on a 4-Node Linux Cluster"


  • “Virtual Confined Space Experiment”


  • “An Efficient Computational Model for Reacting Flows of Aluminum and Magnesium with Steam” 
  • “Embedded Devices and the Impact They Posses” 
  • “Advanced System Monitoring and Database Personalization” 
  • “An Interface for Specifying Rigid-Body Six Degree of Freedom Motions for N-Body Hydrodynamics” 
  • “Measuring User-Based Presence in Automated Virtual Environments”


  • “Methods for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) System Design” 
  • “Combustion of Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys with Steam” 
  • “Enhanced Maintenance through Wearable/Wireless Computing” 
  • “Investigating the Concepts of the Perl DBI and SQL for Managing a Database System”
  • “Laser Drilling and Micro-Deposition of Via Holes for Remanufacturing of Printed Wiring Boards (PWB)”


  • “Wireless Communications Handheld Equipment Programming” 
  • “Health Monitoring Algorithms for Bearing Lubrication Systems in Nuclear Power Plants”
  • “Visualization of Earth Science Data in an Immersive Environment” 
  • “Model-based Predictive Diagnostics for Primary and Secondary Batteries” 
  • “FSCS: The Radio Frequency Communication Tool of the Future”


  • “Investigation of the Potential of Digital Dictation” 
  • “Image Acquisition and Knowledge Representation for the MDTB”
  • “Computer Systems and Networking” 
  • “Laser Cladding Test Simulations with Comparisons to Real Laser Cladding Prototypes”
  • “Investigation of the Behavior of Nanosized Copper” 
  • “Virtual Network Computing (VNC)”


  • “Development of a Particle Analysis System for the Rapid Free Form Fabrication Process” 
  • “Enhanced Information Technology Transfer Utilizing Wireless Hand-held Electronic Devices” 
  • “Image Acquisition for the MDTB” 
  • “Model-based Predictive Diagnostics for Primary and Secondary Batteries”