Strategic Vision

RepTech applies appropriate technologies to improve capabilities of the remanufacture and repair community and plays a central role in utilizing emerging technologies to improve the repair process and the affordability of Navy and Marine Corps repair facilities. Repair technology investments are needed to close the gap between the capability of the repair process and the sustainment needs of the weapon system.

The RepTech investments reduce risks to schedule, reduce Life Cycle costs, and increase performance of fielded weapons systems. ARL’s iMAST Program has been designated the Navy's coordination center for repair technology. The program is located at The Pennsylvania State University’s Applied Research Laboratory (ARL).

RepTech is managed by the Office of Naval Research Manufacturing Technology Program. Benefits of the program apply to all systems commands within the Department of the Navy.

Management Structure

The RepTech Working Group (RWG) was created to provide program oversite, shipyard and depot access to technical innovation and project review and selection.  The RWG is tasked to identify, develop and execute Life Cycle Cost saving projects using a coordinated approach to identify repair requirements for the Navy and Marine Corps. The RWG consists of one representative and one alternate from each Naval and Marine Corps SYSCOMs and the Director, iMAST. The RepTech Working group is chaired by the Office of Naval Research.

Department of the Navy Systems Command Participation

Project ideas are generated from various sources within the systems commands. Program Executive Officers (PEOs), Program Managers (PMs), aviation and ground combat vehicle depots, naval shipyards, and the Office of Naval Research are all welcome to input or solicit support from RepTech.

Projects in consideration for funding by RepTech are identified and prioritized and voted on by the RWG members. Following the theme "Improve manufacturing and remanufacturing methods, strategies, strategies and equipment of maintenance operations," the RepTech Working Group evaluates, selects, and funds projects that address the top priority issues and thus offers advanced solutions to the most pressing repair technology needs in U.S. Naval shipyards and depots.

Process Description

  • Collect RepTech issues from variety of sources
  • SYSCOMs perform initial screening and internal prioritization
  • Brief issues to the RWG semiannually
  • Review higher level requirements and match to candidate projects (e.g. Navy Strategic Investment Plan, JDL MS&T thrusts)
  • Approval of projects for funding

Issue Submission Process


Apply mature and emerging technologies to improve  the capabilities of the repair community
Improve repair processes and the affordability  of repair facilities
Execute Science & Technology (S&T) projects which directly affect depot level maintenance
Communicate by all means available
Reduce duplication of effort in RepTech related R&D
Leverage program funding with funds from other programs and agencies


Stakeholders are required for all RepTech projects and participate in project oversight just like the ManTech projects described above. With few exceptions, a stakeholder is a representative of a Navy or Marine Corps acquisition, procurement, depot, or shipyard organization that is willing to support a REPTECH project and assist in its implementation. There is no requirement to commit funding to a particular project by the supporting stakeholder. However, the stakeholder must be willing to take an active guidance and monitoring role in the project and work through the RepTech program manager to ensure that project objectives are achieved. The stakeholder should also be willing to voice, to the Office of Naval Research, strong support for continuation of the project if funding reviews threaten support of their particular project.

Industry Participation

Where feasible, technology transfer is completed through a commercial vendor. Commercial partners are found in order to take project results to commercial production. As a result of this arrangement, an infusion of cash and/or in-kind support leverages RepTech funding. Additional industry matching amounts of funding may be secured through state and/or federal sources which act to further leverage Navy funding.

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