Undergrad Employment

U.S. Citizenship is required for employment at ARL

Part Time / Wage Payroll Positions

Students work part-time on a variety of research projects. The hourly rate is based on their experience and semester standing. (Typically, juniors earn $12.50 per hour and seniors earn $14.00 per hour)

Cooperative Education Program

This program offers undergraduate students an opportunity to integrate classroom study with supervised work experience. Typically, students spend a total of 12 months in their chosen field during their junior and senior years. Assignments may alternate between work and classroom, or can be performed during back-to-back semesters. Students normally work 40 hours per week and earn $14.50 to $16.00 per hour for their first assignment, and $15.00 to $16.50 per hour for their second assignment.

ARL Distinguished Undergrad Research Program (DURP)

Students with a minimum GPA of 3.2 majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math may apply for the program during their sophomore year. Under the guidance of an ARL faculty member, students in the program perform a comprehensive research project and receive training in advanced research methods.

Students will be supported for a maximum of two years beginning at the completion of their sophomore year, provided that they maintain a GPA of at least 3.2 and make reasonable progress each semester. Offers are typically made by the middle of the spring semester, and most students begin working at the end of the spring semester.

Juniors earn $12.50 per hour and seniors earn $14.00 per hour. Students are expected to work full-time during the summer (up to 40 hours per week), and part-time during the academic year for a maximum of 225 hours per semester. Students will write a thesis and formally present the results of their research during their final semester in the program.

A copy of any publication, etc., produced by the student must be submitted via the student's research advisor AT LEAST six weeks before it is released.

Get in touch with ARL at DESPO@arl.psu.edu.

U.S. Citizenship is required for employment at ARL