Our Vision

The Applied Research Laboratory at the Penn State University will support our nation’s priorities through excellence in research and commitment to mission.

Our Mission

The Applied Research Laboratory at Penn State University is an integral part of one of the leading research universities in the nation. ARL supports national security, economic competitiveness, and quality of life through:

  • Education
  • Scientific Discovery
  • Technology Demonstration
  • Transition to Application

As a designated University Affiliated Research Center, ARL conducts essential research, development, and systems engineering in support of our nation’s priorities free from conflict of interest or competition with industry.

Guiding Principles

  • Integrity. We act with integrity in accordance with the highest academic, professional, and ethical standards.
  • Respect. We respect and honor the dignity of each person and foster a diverse and inclusive community.
  • Responsibility. We act responsibly and hold ourselves accountable for our decisions, actions, and their consequences.
  • Discovery. We seek and create new knowledge and understanding and foster creativity and innovation, for the benefit of our nation.
  • Excellence. We strive for excellence in all of our endeavors as individuals, as an institution, and as a leader in applying knowledge.
  • Community. We work together for the betterment of our University, the communities we serve, and the world.

The Applied Research Laboratory at Penn State University has helped secure our nation for over 70 years. When Dr. Eric Walker moved 100 or so engineers from Harvard University to Penn State in 1945, our nation was standing down from its largest war ever. The vision, however, was to sustain the culture of innovation and development in order to keep our nation secure.

Modern warfare and security are evolving rapidly. Where the nation previously enjoyed dominance, we now have to operate in an increasingly contested battlespace in the sea, air, land, and space domains – as well as cyberspace. Now more than ever, ARL is needed to help guarantee the technological superiority of the United States.

The success and longevity of ARL is due in large part to the mission focus and forward thinking of our faculty and staff. Throughout our history, ARL has constantly challenged the status quo by developing and delivering disruptive innovation.

Get in touch with ARL at webinquiry@arl.psu.edu or through our contact form.