Solving challenging problems in marine and aerospace systems

by providing modern tools and facilities for Naval systems.

Fluid Dynamics

Our team leverages core competencies in basic and applied fluid dynamics, marine systems, turbomachinery, and testing to achieve innovative solutions for demanding technical challenges. Our concentrations include:

  • Advanced flow measurement techniques
  • Hydrodynamics testing
  • Pump design
  • Marine renewable energy


We create advanced technology to reduce vibration and noise by using thorough experimental measurements and computational predictions in complex structures. Our concentrations include:

  • Flow Acoustics
  • Structural Acoustics
  • Engineering Acoustics

Computational Mechanics

We perform advanced physics modeling using high performance computing. Our state-of-the-art design and analysis software tools allow us to execute high fidelity numerical simulation. Our concentrations include:

  • Pump design
  • Multi-phase flow simulations
  • Biological and biomedical simulations
  • Vehicle control dynamics
  • Computational methods development

Research Facilities

We house specialized experimental facilities, advanced instrumentation techniques, and state-of-the-art computational resources. Our expertise and capabilities include:

  • Complete experimental support from initial concept and design to fabrication and performance evaluations
  • Test model, electronics, and instrumentation designs and applications
  • Test articles and instrumentation fabrication and assembly
  • High performance computing resources

We are a dedicated, innovative team of researchers and scientists whose experience spans the breadth of the maritime and aerospace fields.

With advanced expertise in acoustics, computational mechanics, and fluid dynamics,
we view challenging problems as creative opportunities, providing state-of-the-art technical solutions to our sponsors.

Expertise and Capabilities

We develop and execute leading edge technology programs from basic research through full-scale system applications in the areas of fluid dynamics and turbomachinery, flow and structural acoustics, and computational mechanics.

We develop technology in these areas and transition it to the DoD, and industry. We also develop and maintain world-class facilities, instrumentation, and methodology for the experimental and computational study of fluid dynamic and acoustic phenomena. These include a precision model shop for fabrication of test models and prototype hardware.

Leading the way

Our sponsors and research partners depend on our scientists, researchers, and industry professionals to solve highly specialized technical problems in the air and in the water.

Our state-of-the-art research facilities enable hands-on exploration and innovation in a secure space, allowing for rapid innovation and prototyping.

ARL is committed to our employee’s health and well-being by supporting Penn State initiatives, local health officials, and government leaders in preventing COVID-19 in the workplace.

Our employees whose work or research can be done remotely, from home, are doing so. We have also given the opportunity of a flexible work schedule to assist our employees who have other obligations to consider. For those whose work or research requires them to be in our laboratories, offices, or on campus, we are following all protocols necessary to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including mandatory mask training, strict safety procedures, and a network of contacts for reporting any ill-feeling symptoms.

As new employees join our workforce, the above guidelines apply. 

You can be confident that we will maintain our vigilant enforcement of all COVID-19 protocols in our workplace to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

Our strength comes from our people… we are a diverse group of professionals who hail from all over this great Nation, with all kinds of experience and expertise. As a team, we will get through this together with patience, diligence, vigilance, and resilience.