Supply Chain

ARL’s supply chain department supports the continued growth and breadth of research and development at the Laboratory.
Whether you are a new supplier looking to get involved in DoD work or one we have worked with over the years, our goal remains the same: to ensure successful project completion while meeting information security requirements

Helpful Links and Definitions:

SAM is a single repository of supplier data used government wide, and is the government’s primary source for identifying potential suppliers. Every federal agency, both civilian and military, uses the SAM database. You control accuracy of business information that is accessible to all federal agencies with which you do business.

Supplier must be currently active on the SAM site at the time an ARL Purchase Order is awarded, otherwise the supplier risks being disqualified.

This certification is required per DoDD 5230.25 if you handle or access DoD unclassified export-controlled technical information. This government certification is good for 5 years.

This certification can take a significant amount of time to obtain; please start early!

Many of our DoD contracts require DFARS 252.204-7019 compliance. This clause requires that your company be certified for SPRS through the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) website. Companies are required to obtain SPRS certification in order to receive JCP (DD2345) certification.

CMMC is a requirement for contracts containing DFARS 252.204-7021. This requirement will likely begin appearing in contracts later this year. CMMC enhances cyber protection standards for companies working on DoD programs. It is designed to enhance cyber protection standards and protect sensitive unclassified information that is shared by the DOD with its contractors and subcontractors. CMMC requires an inspection performed by a government-appointed third party at a cost to your company.

Help for small businesses can be found here.

Required by Penn State, the SIMBA system retains information needed to remit payment to your company. All Penn State suppliers (businesses and individuals) must be registered in SIMBA in order to get paid.

Penn State requires suppliers, companies, organizations, or individuals normally paid through the non-PO invoice to register and update data including banking information for Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments. Registration also satisfies the IRS requirements to collect a W-9 form and properly classify suppliers.

Subcontractor Flowdown

The DFARS clauses mentioned above must be flowed down in any subcontracts in which material involved is covered defense information (most commonly CUI). The clause must be flowed down without alteration. Any questions regarding flowdown requirements can be sent using our contact form and selecting “Supply Chain Related” in the dropdown.


In late 2022, ARL Supply Chain Team started publishing quarterly Supply Chain Newsletters. The purposed of these newsletters is to provide information to our supplier base regarding government regulations and new ARL initiatives.

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ARL is committed to our employee’s health and well-being by supporting Penn State initiatives, local health officials, and government leaders in preventing COVID-19 in the workplace.

Our employees whose work or research can be done remotely, from home, are doing so. We have also given the opportunity of a flexible work schedule to assist our employees who have other obligations to consider. For those whose work or research requires them to be in our laboratories, offices, or on campus, we are following all protocols necessary to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including mandatory mask training, strict safety procedures, and a network of contacts for reporting any ill-feeling symptoms.

As new employees join our workforce, the above guidelines apply. 

You can be confident that we will maintain our vigilant enforcement of all COVID-19 protocols in our workplace to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

Our strength comes from our people… we are a diverse group of professionals who hail from all over this great Nation, with all kinds of experience and expertise. As a team, we will get through this together with patience, diligence, vigilance, and resilience.